Vol 13: ATPL(A) Flight Planning (May 2024) - GST Excl
Vol 13: ATPL(A) Flight Planning (May 2024) - GST Excl

Vol 13: ATPL(A) Flight Planning (May 2024) - GST Excl

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The ATPL(A) Flight Planning study guide is designed to cover the recently revised syllabus requirements of AC61-7 Appendix III (subject 40), and to assist you in developing your knowledge and understanding of flight planning in modern air transport aircraft.

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The Airline Transport Pilot Series - Volume 13,  Flight Planning for the Boeing 777-300ER

From the 1st of January 2014 the syllabus and exams changed to the Boeing 777-300.   This ATPL(A) Flight Planning study guide is written for the recently revised syllabus/exams using the Boeing 777-300ER.

The guide comprises four sections:

  • Flight Planning Policies and Processes;
  • Computer Generated Flight Plans; 
  • Flight Planning Data Extraction;  and,
  • Exam Preparation material.

A Data Booklet for the Boeing 777-300ER is also provided with this text.  The booklet comprises all of the flight and fuel planning policy applicable to the specimen aircraft used in this subject (i.e. the Boeing 777-300ER), all of the data tables required, and a number of sample Computer Flight Plans.

The study guide provides you with an idea of how well you are mastering the material by providing many practice exercises and associated model answers and workings.

The study guide also provides you with a glossary of many of the terms and abbreviations you will encounter in learning about flight planning in an airline context.