Dear Mark & Ruth,

I hope this email finds you well! My name is Xxxx, and I am a student pilot currently pursuing CPL theory courses.  I have greatly benefited from the Waypoints textbooks and mock exams. 

I wanted to express my appreciation for publishing the mock exam for Subject #56 (IR Instruments and Navigation Aids). I am eager to know when the mock exam for Subject #54 (IR Flight Navigation) will be available.

Thank you once again for your assistance; I look forward to your response!

Kind regards,


Hi Xxxxxx,

Thank you for writing.   We are very pleased we have been help you on your pilot training journey.

I am working on Subject #54 (IR Flight Navigation) with some priority, but I can’t be sure when it will be available.

I’ll do my best.

Mark W

June 2024

Hi Mark,

Paul H here from across the road.

Just sat my ATPL Law exam.  Just thought I would give you some quick feedback.

The thoroughness and well laid out content of your manual, in addition to the review module and practice exams allowed me to obtain a 98% pass in this exam, so a great learning aid and well worth the expense.  This also included some of your voucher mock exams, so all in all a great self studying exercise.

Paul H

March 2024


Hey I just wanted to thank you for the help and knowledge you’ve shared to me. You’re probably by far the most effective instructor/teacher I’ve met in NZ.  I really appreciate your help and I hope to see you again next time.


Christian G

June 2023


Hi Mark,

Thank you for the reply.   It's all good, sometimes the real exams do the same thing.  I've found the mock exams here to be extremely helpful and I've passed all my cpl exams first try because of it.



February 2023

Hi Mark & Ruth,

I am taking the opportunity to personally thank you for the Waypoints CPL Book series.  I decided in September last year to study towards my CPL, not because I harboured ambitions to be a commercial pilot, more to gain knowledge in the aspects of flying.  Recent events in NZ and internationally show that CPL pilots may outnumber the positions available soon, so I’m not sure where it will take me, but I will now continue with the practical training aspect that I started in February to obtain my CPL.

What I can say is that I self-studied all the CPL exams with the help and guidance of the Waypoints CPL book series.  Yesterday I completed the last of my six exams to which I passed each on my first attempt.  It goes to show the depth your books go to and that even without tuition, a disciplined approach to study still gives the result that are required.

Please accept my personal thanks for all the content in the books as they obviously contain what is required to sit and pass the exams.

Many thanks and kind regards


May 2020

Hi Mark,

Thanks for following up on the feedback.  Your practice exams and books are great, passed the ASPEQ exam this morning with good marks.

Keep up the good work.


February 2020

Hi Mark,

I am pleased to say that your Waypoints book prepared me very well for the ATPL Flight Planning exam and came away with a high pass mark.  Thanks.



January 2020

Hi Mark,

I know it's late but better late than never!  I sat Flight planning last Tuesday and passed with a mark of 89%.  I'm really pleased with the result and I am pretty certain I wouldn't of done without the course.

The course was really helpful and I felt that the examples you used in your role with Air NZ really helped me to gain a practical perspective of the subject matter.  I came away with a deeper understanding of the subject.

Kind regards,


June 2019

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the quick update.

As an aside, the Mock Exams are a great resource. I feel much more comfortable about the exam questions & format (especially for my first exam) after having taken the mock one.



July 2018

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting back to me! 
And thanks for the great study resources, I passed my ATPL Flight Planning exam on the weekend and they helped heaps! 

June 2018


I wanted to thank you for the excellent and quick service. I have already received my order, much quicker than expected and started reading already!

Will recommend Waypoints to my friends!

Best regards,


March 2018

Dear Mark & Ruth,

Today I completed my final PPL theory exam, which ended up in yet another pass.

I want to personally thank you for your series of PPL books. These have proven to be critical to my studies and their plain language is easy to read and take in.

Well, I am only at a low PPL level and not with the big boys such as CPL & ATPL, I have really enjoyed the learning and studying of the syllabus, to which your reference books have helped so much.

Again thank you, I do appreciate the effort gone into the books.



March 2018

Thanks Mark,

Only three more exams to go, then on to cross country’s with the XXXXX aero club.
These mock exams and flash cards are an awesome tool.  Thank you to yourself and the rest of the developers .


January 2018


Thanks so much for the reply. I will ask ASPEQ about a couple of these points (esp the flight plan templates).

Other than my own struggles, the books are terrific! The head of my flight school was commenting what excellent, thorough books they are.


August 2017

Thanks Mark,

Just finished my final ATPL being Law with a pass of 92%. Thank you for the time you put in to creating the study guides!


August 2017

Hi Mark,

A quick note to say thanks for all of your work in producing these textbooks.  Since starting my ATPLs just over 2 years ago, I've found them easy to follow and understand and the Mock Exams have been great in preparing me for the real exams.  This will be the final exam for me so hopefully I can finish with another strong result.

All the best,


March 2017

Speaking from my experience working in retail, people seem far too happy to complain, so positive comments are few and far between but are cherished when they do occur.

I have been using your Waypoints books all the way through and last week I completed my last ATPL exam.  With an average mark in the exams of 95% or so.

I have to thank you for the enormous part you played in my learning over the passed year and a half.  Your input and experience are invaluable and I for one greatly appreciated the effort that you have obviously put into your manuals.

If you are ever in Christchurch please let me buy you a drink.

Kind regards,

Joe B

July 2016

Thanks, the practice exams really do help, made the real thing much easier.


June 2016

Hey Mark,

Thanks for getting back to me so quick.  I guess part of the confusion in my mind was whether similar questions in the ASL exams would provide the charts.

I took the FRTO exam today and got a mark of 92 which I am pleased with.  This is all from reading your text book, flash cards and mock exams, so thanks for such a great product.



May 2016


Just wanted to say that the Mock Exams were a huge help.  I am sure they played a large part in my passing mark on this exam.


Andrew Lindsay

April 2016

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to touch base and say thank you.

Your material and courses have been well worth the money and sacrifice.

Thanks to Waypoints I have now passed all my ATPLS.  I sat Flight Planning on Thursday and got 93%.

Hopefully one day I might get to crew with you and shout you a beer!

Thanks Mark.


April 2016

Hello Mark,

Just a follow up message from the courses I did with you over the last couple of weeks.

Thank you very much for your time and your efforts that you have put into the courses - very interesting and throughly enjoyed! I didn’t quite achieve 90+ but I am very happy with the 82% I got today in flight planning.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,


April 2016

Excellent thanks very much.

The books are of amazing quality and get detail and picture's.

Thanks also for the quick delivery.

Kind regards Rory

April 2016

Hi Mark,

I would just like to say what an awesome platform for study you have created on your website.  I cannot tell you how much those practice exams have helped me prepare for the ATPL exams and the cost is very reasonable.

Job VERY well done!

Ryan Walker

October 2015

Hi Ruth,

Just received my books - thanks heaps!  And I just wanted to say what a FANTASTIC job you guys have done writing these books.  They are easy to read and understand, which is a huge help for a novice like me!

The review questions and mock exams are a great way to recap knowledge gained within the chapters.  Also love the iPhone app, it's the prefect compliment to the text books.

Can't wait to sink my teeth into my PPL, and ordering more books from you along the way.

Thanks again,

Alice L

June 2015

Hi Mark and Ruth,

I have just done six of your PPL NAV mock exams and found them very helpful as a guideline for what to expect in the ASL exam. Before doing these I really had no idea at all and was heading straight for a fail.

JFYI; one thing is that quite a number of questions recurred repeatedly in every exam but I am aware that computerised random selection is totally hit and miss from a limited question pool and that this issue is unavoidable.

Thank you for your service and the high standard of your products.

I will send you feedback on my result.

Best Regards.
Dave J

June 2015

Hi Ruth,

I just want to say that these Waypoints books are awesome and have taught me so much. They have also been pivotal to my exam credit success. Thanks to you, Mark and the team.

Kind regards,

Jolon Morris-Bentley

May 2015

Dear Mark,

Just a note to once again say thank you for all your work in getting us through the recent ATPL courses you took at NAC.

I know we all found the course materials very interesting, insightful to real life operations, and of course helpful for our future careers.

The whole Waypoints system seems to go hand-in-hand with NAC and achieves a good outcome for all. I really appreciate the time you have to take out of work and all the extra hours you and Ruth put into it, I’m sure it can be a thankless task.


Daniel G

April 2015

Hi Mark,

Thought I'd just write you a quick email thanking you for the ATPL books you wrote.

Have just knocked off the final one - ATPL Flight Planning, and managed a 91%, which I was very happy with.

They were all easy to follow, and after finishing the review questions at the end. I was more than prepared for the exams.  I was even able to teach the old man a couple of new things.

Hope the 767 is treating you well and you get a few of those Bali flights.


Chris MacD

March 2015

Hi Mark,

Hey I thought I would let you know I got 91% in my Flight planning exam, your book was absolutly fantastic. I actually walked out of the exam thinking I would get 100%, I felt that confident!

Stella C

January 2015

Thank you for putting out these books, I use my 'airport standby' to study for them and they have been well worth it, they are excellent material.

A pretty rubbish day up here today, with thunderstorms rolling through throughout the day, however a convenient 4 hour standby before the shift was put to good use.


Scott Shadbolt

September 2014

Just a quick note to let you and the college (Nelson Aviation College) know that I have completed all my ATPL's and how very grateful I am for the excellent service and professional tuition that I have received. The tuition has been outstanding throughout and the atmosphere at the college extremely pleasant and encouraging.

Worthy of exceptional note are Mark's classes and material. Highly impressive tuition, guidance and very enjoyable. The man needs cloning. I can't praise the college highly enough and I will be encouraging people to attend the courses that you offer.

All the very best and once again many thanks to Mark, Jeremy and Penny for their committed and passionate work, and for your assistance in the smooth administration and co-ordination of the courses.


Loren Beesley

April 2014

Ok Mark, got that.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for New Zealand aviation with Waypoints.

I bet there are a great number people that are very happy to have been able to use your books.

I know I have a couple laying around somewhere that I will hold on to for the rest of my career.

Good one.  Cheers,

Tom Curley.

October 2013

Hi Ruth,

I received my two IR textbooks in the mail yesterday and just wanted to say thank you very much for the great service, very impressive!!

I have my MEIR flight test in a few weeks and it was great to get the textbooks so soon to help me support all my notes from ground school.

Look forward to ordering more from you in the future.



July 2013

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say how grateful I am for all your work on the ATPL courses and books, and also with your advocacy with CAA and ASL on behalf of us new guys coming through
the system.  I have just passed ATPL Law which was the last one, very happy they are all finished now.

Your book is great!  Makes a very boring and dull subject a lot easier to self study.  

I came back from PNG on break in Feb and thought I'd just see if AirNZ was interested.  I start with Air Nelson on Monday - Dash 8 ground course in Nelson.

Needless to say, I am very stoked!

So once again, many thanks for your part in my training.

Joseph Bagrie

July 2013

Hi Mark,

Your ATPL Flight Planning notes are great and after using other ATPL note providers I think these would be the best written/value for money notes you can get.

Hope you find this feedback valuable, and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Once again great notes.

Alex Carson-Holloway

July 2013

Hi Ruth,

Just to let you know that my ordered book turned up in Hong Kong today.

Thanks for your help, easy purchase and fast delivery!

Mike Davis

Hi there,

Thanks for the very quick delivery!

The book looks great and it's easy to understand.
I am sure it will be of great help for converting my licence.


Yannik (Switzerland)

Hi Woody,

Thomas Seldon here just wanting again to thank you for the ATPL course and to tell you that it has paid off and I have a recruit to group interview next month.

I'm going through your BGT book at the moment and sitting the exam next week and I am also taking your advice and will be getting into the air to do some multi IFR hours in the next few weeks to help get myself ready.

I'm really excited but at the same time quite nervous but I wanted to let you know, since I wouldn't be in this position if I hadn't completed the ATPLs, in a large part thanks to you.

Thomas S

Subsequently....     "Just sat BTK today and got 100%!  Thanks Woody"

Hi Sue,

Great course.  Mark is a great lecturer.  I am very happy with my result.  I got 97%.
I will do some ATPL subjects with you guys when I have some free time also.
Jesse Williams

Hi Team,

I just wanted to let you know that the overall pass rate for the combined 7 ATPL subjects over the latest block course was 92%, with an average pass mark of 83%.   This was the result for the first sitting for all of those students who sat on the scheduled exam dates as part of the course. A good result overall with areas of improvement as always!

Kind Regards
Katrina Witney
Nelson Aviation College
Quality and Finance Manager

Hey Mark,

Finally sat ATPL Flight Planning today after being ridiculously busy with work and got 98% !!!!

Thanks again for the course, well worth doing and I'll be sure to show people my result if they ask if the course is worth doing!

Tom Nicholas.

Hi there,

Could you please mail me the ATPL Flight Planning study guide.

I have self-studied Law and NavAids using your books and found them fantastic and successfully passed both exams.  Most impressed!

Scotty Corlett
C/O Canterbury Aero Club

Hey Mark,

Just wanted to thank you for an awesome book.  I sat the BTK exam yesterday and used your book managing to get 97%.

Real easy read.

Chris MacDonald

Dear Mark,

I just had my BTK Exam yesterday with ASL in Havelock North. I am pleased to say that I passed with 80% (I felt I aced it) I would just like to send you an email to thank you Mr Woodhouse.  I found your manual very helpful, logically set out and interesting at the same time.  I am now studying for ATPL navaids using your manual, and will sit the exam early next month.  I see you have published an ATPL flight planning manual and will more than likely order that one next, can you tell me when the rest of the study guides for the remaining subjects come out?

Once again, thank you very much for your awesome study guides.

Adrian Mihaka

Hi Mark

Many thanks for the ATPL Flight Planning book, I received it in good order a couple of days after you sent it.  I sat the exam yesterday and got 91%.  I would just like to say a big Thank You, the material in your books and the Systems ground course I attend with you is spot on with the syllabus etc.   I only wish I had discovered your material and courses earlier on in my ATPLs as I had struggled along with them until now.   Anyway they are all done and dusted now.

Many thanks again.  Will highly recommend you and your books to others.

Vicki Marlow

Hey Mark,

You will be glad to know that I have cleared my ATPL Instruments and Nav aids exam in the first attempt just by referring to your book, thanks.  Would be ordering for the ATPL Air Law soon.

Prateek Narula

Dear Mark,

I saw your ad in the KiwiFlyer magazine.  Made me think of all the great help and direction you gave me when I was sitting my CPL(H) exams in Palmerston North.  Thought I would let you know what I am up to now.  Once I passed my CPL(H) it took me a number of years to get a start. Did the ground crew thing which got me some Bell 206 ferry time.  Managed to get an AG rating starting in a R22 and when I left NZ four years I was driving an AS350 on AG and general ops.

Four years ago my wife managed to get a job in the Solomon Islands after being an at home mum for seven years.  I took a break from flying to look after the kids and settle them in to life in the Solomon Islands.  Eight months past and I was missing flying so started touring to PNG.  I did two years in PNG then a year flying in the Solomon’s before returning to PNG in February.  I love the flying up here, it is a great place to fly.

Thanks for all the help you gave me when I was struggling with my exams. You look like you are keeping busy with your flying and training involvements.