About Us

Waypoints Aviation Ltd is owned and run by Mark and Ruth Woodhouse.

Mark is an experienced ATPL ground instructor, a recently retired pilot with Air New Zealand on the Boeing 787-9 DreamLiner, recording about 20,000 hours of flight time.

Mark's experience includes military, general aviation, vintage aircraft and civil commercial flying in both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft.

He has undertaken the challenge of preparing a number of courses and study support material for pilots working through their recreational, private, commercial and professional licence examination credits.

Ruth is an RNZAF trained and experienced logistics and supply specialist and until recently a Registered Nurse.  Ruth is currently employed full time managing the provision of PilotBooks to the aviation training industry and individual students.

Waypoints Aviation provides the PilotBooks series of flight and ground training textbooks for the PPL, CPL, IR, BTK and ATPL, Mock (practice) Exams for all subjects, and ATPL theory, BTK and ITC ground courses.

All Waypoints products are designed to cover the AC61 requirements for their respective subject, and far more.

Waypoints also provides eBook versions of many of the PilotBooks, available through the Apple iBookstore.  The aim is make all of the Waypoints PilotBooks available as eBooks in the next few years.

Waypoints online Mock (practice) Exams available are multi-choice practice exams, styled on the real CAA/ASL final examinations.

While Waypoints ground courses cover all syllabus items, they will also focus your attention on operationally relevant and need-to-know material.  The ground courses are designed to be interesting, interactive, challenging and useful in preparing you to sit the ASL examinations and for developing the knowledge needed for a professional aviation career.

If you have progressed your aviation training to the point where you are attempting the BTK and the ATPL exam credits, you have probably decided that a professional aviation career is for you.  Therefore, you should take a professional approach to the development of your knowledge base.

Waypoints ground courses and study support material will assist you in getting your professional career in aviation off to a flying start!

  • Waypoints ground courses have all been developed by Mark Woodhouse
  • The PilotBooks series of flight and ground training textbooks for the PPL, CPL, IR, BTK and ATPL have been prepared by Walter Wagtendonk, Stewart Boys and Mark Woodhouse
  • Waypoints ground courses are intended to provide students with all necessary information to successfully complete the respective ASL examination and to assist with your future career
  • The material provides numerous examples, exercises and review questions to ensure your competency in each module
  • Information covers not just syllabus items but also operational and need to know aspects of the aviation industry
  • Courses and study support material have been designed to be interesting, interactive and relevant to the industry today
  • Courses are designed to give you the knowledge and understanding to help you prepare for your airline interview and type rating course, not just the ASL exam
  • Waypoints courses and study support material will help you get your qualification credits before you need them, because once you need them its too late!

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