We hope to answer many of your questions below.

If you have a question that doesn't appear here, please contact us.

Q.  Are the list prices GST inclusive?
A.  No.  The list prices are GST exclusive and GST is added to New Zealand sales at checkout.

Q.  Do you have all of the items in stock?
A.  Yes.  We have invested heavily in stock to ensure we always have an adequate supply of all items to meet normal demand.

Q.  Why are the edition revision dates different on the iBooks and physical/paper PilotBooks?
A.  The iBooks and Paper books are not identical.  Their creation process is quite different, and the time and effort it takes to create the iBooks means that I am not able to update them as easily/regularly.   Most changes to the paper books are relatively minor.   Also, Apple recently abandoned their support of iBooks Author, meaning we have had to completely recreate all of our iBooks using different authoring software.  Both expensive and time consuming.

Q.  Do you offer information on the changes made to earlier editions?
A.  No.  We do not have the capacity to provide details on changes made with each revision.  Most changes are relatively minor.

Q.  Why can't I highlight text on the later iBooks?
A.  We have asked Apple why this is, and been advised that is part of their security settings.  We have asked that they revisit this policy.

Q.  Do you have PDF versions of your books?
A.  No.  The security of PDFs is simply inadequate.

Q.  Do you have Android versions of your eBooks?
A.  No.  It would be neither secure enough, nor cost effective.

Q. Can I have my purchases sent to a PO Box address?
A. No, not normally.  We prefer to send orders via our courier, and as NZ Post owns the rights to all PO Boxes our courier is unable to deliver to PO Box addresses.  However, if there are no alternatives, single item orders (less than 1kg) can be sent to PO Boxes.

Q.  How long will it take to receive my purchase?
A.  We will endeavour to dispatch you order within 48 hours, however sometimes the workload associated with high demand means your order may not be dispatched for up to 72 hours.  To an address within New Zealand delivery will normally take up to 3-5 working days depending on your location.  To an address outside of New Zealand delivery could take up to 10 working days or more depending on your location.

Q.  Can I pay by direct bank transfer?
A.  Yes.  You are now able to make payment by bank transfer using "Account to Account (A2A)".

Q.  When will you have the rest of the ATPL(A) texts available?
A.  I wish I knew!  I am committing as much time as I can to writing textbooks for the remaining ATPL Aeroplance subjects, but they take a while!  I am hoping to have ATPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge, Aerodynamics and Performance texts available by the end of 2023.  Hoping, but please don't hold me to that.

Q.  What is the cost of delivery?
A.  Orders to an address within New Zealand incur a fixed courier fee of $7 to the top of the South island and $11.50 to the rest of the South Island and to the North Island.

Orders to an address outside of New Zealand incur a variable courier fee which is automatically calculated based on the weight of items purchased and the country to which the delivery is to be made.

Q.  Can I return my purchases?
A.  Yes, we accept returns under certain conditions.  For details refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

Q.  Do you ship internationally?
A.  Yes, we ship to selected countries.  For details refer to our International Shipping page.

Q.  Do I pay GST on products shipped internationally?
A.  No.  All product prices are displayed GST inclusive, however the product pricing is updated on the payments page to deduct the GST component from orders to an address outside of New Zealand.