Vol 09: The Instrument Rating Manual (February 2024) - GST Excl
Vol 09: The Instrument Rating Manual (February 2024) - GST Excl

Vol 09: The Instrument Rating Manual (February 2024) - GST Excl

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The Instrument Rating Manual has been rewritten to cover the recently revised syllabus requirements of AC61-17 (subject 52) Rev 14.  The manual is a very substantial text on three separate aspects associated with the Instrument Rating. Namely:
      Navigation Aids; and
      Flight Navigation IFR.

Also available in iBook format

The current version of the Vol 9 iBook has not yet been updated to meet the revised syllabus items in AC61-17 Rev 14.  We are working as fast as we can to update the iBook, but I don't expect to be available for a few months.

To download/buy the Vol 9 in iBook format, click here.


The material in Chapters 1 to 10 of Part 1 covers the NZCAA syllabus for the Instruments and Navigation Aids examination. It should be noted that Chapter 10 on GNSS also provides, in effect, a pilot training syllabus for the Instrument Rating GPS endorsement. This chapter has again been updated in this edition of the manual.

Chapter 11 of Part 1 covers Performance Based Navigation. The topics in this chapter are now required study for the instrument rating.

Part 2 gives a comprehensive coverage of the topics associated with Flight Navigation IFR (Plotting).  The text is based on the assumption that the reader is familiar with the contents of our Waypoints PilotBooks Volume 2, Navigation and Flight Planning .

Appendix 1 towards the end of the book takes the reader through a very searching Sample Examination devoted to Instruments and Navigation Aids.  Appendix 2 is a similar examination on Flight Navigation IFR.  Appendix 3 contains answers to questions posed in Chapter Reviews and Sample Examinations.  When you have successfully answered all the questions in the book you will be very well prepared for the ASL (or other State) examinations.

The principles and applications of Instruments and Navigation Aids are common throughout the world, for this reason Volume 9 is suitable for global use.  However, Flight Navigation IFR is based on New Zealand facilities and charts and may therefore not be completely suitable unless the overseas student has the appropriate documents.