Vol 08: CPL General Aircraft Technical Knowledge (February 2023) - GST Excl

Vol 08: CPL General Aircraft Technical Knowledge (February 2023) - GST Excl

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Volume 8 should not be confused with Volume 1 Aircraft Technical Knowledge which is specifically for Private Pilot Licence studies.  The PPL examination combines technical and aerodynamic aspects into one paper, hence there is one book to cover both subjects.  However, for the CPL there are two separate papers - General Aircraft Technical Knowledge (covered by Volume 8) and Principles of Flight and Performance (covered by Volume 7).

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The Commercial Pilot Series - Volume 8,  General Aircraft Technical Knowledge

Volume 8 starts with explanations on Engines and then in logical order explains associated aspects such as Carburation, Supercharging, Fuel Injection and many others. Considering the importance of a well managed engine in flight the text is very clear and elaborately sprinkled with excellent supporting diagrams, photographs and graphs.

Other equally important topics follow such as Magnetism, Electrical Systems, Instruments and similar subjects.  The last chapter is devoted to Weight & Balance, a subject that requires a fair amount of figuring and the use of electronic calculators.

There are numbers of books written on technical matters applicable to aviation but few if any are as thorough and far ranging as Volume 8, General Aircraft Technical Knowledge.  The entire syllabus for the subject is covered but in addition the book contains useful and practical explanations on issues that will be of substantial benefit to pilots.  For example, in Chapter 5 you will find important tips on the handling of aviation fuel, in Chapter 12 there are detailed explanations on how to deal with instrument malfunctions, and so on.

General Aircraft Technical Knowledge is an excellent manual for students studying the subject anywhere in the world.

A Sample Examination towards the end of the book contains two parts, Part I posing questions on technical matters and Part II, dealing with Weight & Balance.  The questions are wide ranging and should be most useful as a preparation for the examination.