Vol 07: CPL Principles of Flight and Performance (May 2023) - GST Excl

Vol 07: CPL Principles of Flight and Performance (May 2023) - GST Excl

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This reference manual deals with aerodynamic principles and aircraft performance associated with fixed-wing aircraft (Aeroplanes).

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The Commercial Pilot Series - Volume 7,  Principles of Flight and Performance

Volume 7 starts with Aero Science which covers fundamental topics such as Newton's Laws, Definitions, Moments and Couples, the use of graphs, and a number of other principles. The study of aerodynamics can not be successful unless the Aero Science aspects are fully understood. Following chapters then progress from simple subjects such as Lift, Drag, Total Reaction, to name but a few, to more complex issues such as Advanced Stalling, Propellers, Stability, Asymmetric Flight and many more.

Each topic is explained in detail and supported by clear, well presented, diagrams and graphs.

Although there have been a number of books written on the Principles of Flight subject, Volume 7 excels because it delves into aerodynamic issues without losing sight of the associated practical aspects. This is clearly shown, for example, in the Performance chapter where critical takeoff and landing data are explained in great detail and supported by large-scale copies of relevant graphs.

Principles of Flight and Performance is an excellent manual for persons studying the subject anywhere in the world.

A Sample Examination towards the end of the book contains two parts, Part I posing questions on the theory of aerodynamics and Part II, dealing with Performance. The questions are wide ranging and should be most useful as a preparation for the examination.