Principles of Helicopter Flight (2nd US Ed'n) - GST Excl
Principles of Helicopter Flight (2nd US Ed'n) - GST Excl

Principles of Helicopter Flight (2nd US Ed'n) - GST Excl

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This manual is primarily aimed at the professional level (CPL) but because the explanations are so thorough and easy to read it also serves as a very suitable reference for those studying at the PPL level.

Large numbers of recreational helicopter pilots worldwide are better managers of their aircraft because of the professional knowledge standard gained from Principles of Helicopter Flight.


An important difference between Principles of Helicopter Flight and a variety of other manuals on the same subject is that it starts from the very basics of aerodynamics and progresses in a logical sequence through the syllabus requirements of most countries.  Also, the many complex aerodynamic factors are explained in an easy to follow fashion which makes it simple for the reader to gain a very good grasp of the principles involved.

Every topic is supported by clear diagrams which enhance understanding of the associated written explanations.  For example, an almost full page diagram supports the explanations of the forces involved on the helicopter rotor during autorotation.  Other similarly treated topics deal with forces involved with Forward Flight, Range and Endurance, Retreating Blade Stall, and many more.  A large number of practical aspects are covered such as Sling Load and High Altitude operations, Recovery from Low Rotor rpm, Ground Resonance, Mast Bumping and so on.  A full chapter is devoted to Mountain Flying and the last two chapters in the book contain all there is to know about helicopter Performance and Weight & Balance.

Each chapter finishes with a Chapter Review and a Sample Examination is provided in an Appendix at the end of the book.  A very detailed Index facilitates quick referencing to topics.

Principles of Helicopter Flight was first published in 1991 and marketed in New Zealand and Australia.  It was successful from the very beginning, so much so that in 1996 interests were expressed by Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA) in the USA who soon became the publisher of the book.

Currently it is used worldwide by a number of Civil Aviation Authorities as a major study reference for the helicopter examinations and large numbers of students for the PPL and CPL licences internationally use the book to prepare for the examination sittings.