Vol 04: Flight Radio for Pilots (May 2024) - GST Excl

Vol 04: Flight Radio for Pilots (May 2024) - GST Excl

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Volume 4 covers the regulatory requirement for pilots to understand radio principles, transmission procedures and many other aspects associated with radio communications.  In New Zealand the required qualification involves the successful passing of a written examination while in some other countries the Flight Radio Telephony Rating (FRTO) is issued following the examination.

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The Private Pilot Series - Volume 4,  Flight Radio for Pilots

Volume 4 takes you through the entire subject, starting with Radio Principles and progressing to more advanced topics such as General Radio Procedures, Communication Procedures at Aerodromes, Emergency Procedures and a host of other topics.

Communication in aviation is a cornerstone of flight safety.  Without the ability for pilots and Air Traffic Controllers to communicate in clear and unambiguous terms, the environment would be a very dangerous place indeed.  Clearly, there need to be internationally accepted procedures and techniques that standardise the manner in which communications are handled, these standards are set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) with its headquarter in Montreal, Canada.  This manual complies with ICAO and New Zealand regulatory requirements.

English is the official language used in worldwide aviation. This aspect, in addition to the ICAO agreed procedures and terminology, make this book a useful reference in many countries even though some may have minor variations to suit local conditions.