Commercial Pilot Kit (Heli) - GST Excl
Commercial Pilot Kit (Heli) - GST Excl

Commercial Pilot Kit (Heli) - GST Excl

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Quick Overview

The CPL(H) kit includes Volumes 2, 5, 6, 8 and Principles of Helicopter Flight which covers the New Zealand CPL(H) theory syllabus requirements for all of the subjects except Human Factors.  For Human Factors we recommend Dr Ross Ewing's "Aviation Medicine and Other Human Factors", which is also available through our website.

The kit is supplied in an attractive shelf box.

If you wish to purchase the CPL(H) Kit to study for PPL(H) as well, you will need to also purchase Volume 4 - Flight Radio.

Sending CPL Kits Overseas
Unfortunately we are unable to send the CPL Kits overseas as a single item, however we are able to send each of the five textbooks that make up the kit as individual items.


The Commercial Pilot (Heli) Kit includes:

Vol 2:  PPL/CPL Navigation and Flight Planning;
Vol 5:  PPL/CPL Air Law;
Vol 6:  CPL/ATPL Meteorology for Professional Pilots;
Principles of Helicopter Flight (covers both PPL and CPL syllabus requirements);  and,
Vol 8:  CPL General Aircraft Technical Knowledge (covers both PPL and CPL syllabus requirements).

The CPL(H) kit price represents a discount of approximately 5%.