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GA Aircraft Dipsticks

Aircraft Dipsticks General Good fuel management is good airmanship.  While good fuel management involved many aspects, one of the more important ones is having enough.  So in this article I want to talk about establishing how much fuel we have in the aircraft’s tank(s). Fuel loaded onto aircraft is measured in units of volume, whether the fuelling is carried out by the pilot or by ground personnel refuelling the aircraft for the crew.  The volume of the fuel is measured in either litres, Imperial gallons or US gallons.  However for operational reasons it is the weight (mass) of the fuel that is relevant to the pilot(s) and the weight of fuel is generally indicated in kilograms or pounds.  The actual...

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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to our Blog.  This is a new feature of the Waypoints website through which I hope to be able to make a semi-regular contribution on various aviation topics. Some of our posts are news, some are my opinion and some are "shares" of articles I have come across that I hope you will find useful as you develop your piloting knowledge, skills and attitudes.  If the post is a share of someone else's article or opinion I will state it clearly in the post - so you know I'm not pinching credit for someone else's ideas and efforts. We hope you find the blog posts worth your time, and invite you to send us feedback, either through the web...

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