Wrapped over the knuckles - Literally.

I don't like this sort of blog, but I have to bare my soul.  I made an error and gave myself a bloody big fright!

The other day I was preparing our Chipmunk for some circuits and was having a little difficulty priming and starting it.  I was in and out of the cockpit three or four times in an attempt to get it started.  I was getting a bit frustrated and I suppose I was rushing a bit.

I finally managed to get it primed and was turning the prop through a few turns to prime the cylinders when it burst into life!   I had left the mags on.

To say I got a huge fright is an understatement!  The prop clipped the top of a finger on my left hand.  I was very lucky I was not more seriously injured, or worse.

Luckily I had put the park brakes on firmly and the throttle was closed.

I know the right things to do and say, but I fell into a potentially deadly trap.

Was I getting a bit slack, clearly.  Did I need to slow down and take things methodically, yes.  Am I chastened, definitely.  I mucked up and feel very humbled.

I need to slow down and recharge my attention to always do the little things carefully - every time.

PLEASE - learn from my very near miss!