Waypoints iPhone Flashcard App

Waypoints are very pleased to be able to offer you our FREE iPhone Flashcard App. The Waypoints Flashcard App is available for the iPhone through the Apple App Store - search for “Waypoints”.

Flash Card App

The App allows you to purchase sets of question and answer flashcards for each of the subjects, for both aeroplanes and helicopters, at each of the licence and rating levels. The flashcards comprise short answer knowledge review questions and cover the full AC 61 syllabus for the applicable topic, and are designed to reinforce previously learned knowledge in preparation for the ASL examination. Each Q&A item comes with a study reference and a syllabus reference.

We currently have question bank sets available for most of the PPL subjects (with the rest due to be available in the next month or so); for BTK; and for a couple of the ATPL subjects. Progress is steadily being made on the question banks for all of the rest. While the App has been specifically designed for the iPhone, it runs and views beautifully on the iPad, especially the iPad Mini.

Question banks for each subject are extensive and have been checked multiple times for accuracy. Updates will be made available whenever there are syllabus changes or customer feedback prompts the inclusion of alternate questions or amendments. One of our other challenges is finding a cost effective way of letting pilots know the App is available so if you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know.